Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18: What a Miracle!

Well this was probably the best week on the mission thus far!! Let me explain why: On monday we had a goal of 2 baptisms set for the weekend and we had no Idea how we were going to reach it... We have been fasting every saturday to sunday as a zone for miracles and tuesday My companion calls me and tells me he knocked into a grandma who is 82 and her granddaughter who is 8 who went to church like 4 years ago a couple times. We both felt really good about them and so we went the next day and marked a date with them for yesterday. We followed up with them daily and while doing that we in turn also marked for yesterday with a mom of a Recent Convert who is super strong! (both of these stories I will for sure explain in great detail upon return!) Their baptisms were sooooo special yesterday! me and my companion both teared up! their is way to much to explain about the story right now but all I know is that God truly loves us! Its amazing what happens when we do our part! In fact as i had just written that line one of our most solid investigators we had lost contact with just passed by and we saw him and left running out of the internet house and caught him and now we are going by tonight! what miracles!!! woah nelly.... its sooooo amazing being a missionary!!!! I love you all!!

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