Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4: Feliz Cinco de Maio!!

well it actually isnt a holiday here but I thought I would wish you a happy 5th of May! Well the first week here that should have been spent here in Itapeva was mostly spent in São Paulo because we had a transfers on tuesday, a leadership training meeting on thursday, and a meeting with L Whitney Clayton of the 70 and Marcos Audukitis of the 70 as well. It was a great meeting. But São Paulo is about 6 hours by bus from Itapeva so we ended up having to crash with other elders for the week. But finally on Saturday I made it here to the area and got to meet a few of the investigators we have. Our president wants to baptize 300 in the mission this month and He has asked each of us to knock 80 doors every single day for the month in honor of our mission celebrating its 80 year anniversary. We finally hit 80 yesterday and not even joking.... it took 6 hours to do.... But we have quite a few potentials to contact now! I love the zone and my comp is LEGIT . Im excited to skype this week and will let you know the time when my comp talks to his family. Hope yall have a great week! LOVE YA!!

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